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Meghan King is very happy her ex-husband has found new love.

The “Real Housewives of Orange County” alum shared with Us Weekly her reaction to Jim Edmonds’ recent wedding to Kortnie O’Connor.

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“He’s spending massive, whopping, inconceivable amounts of money on his bride. Like, I am all for it, whatever it takes. Keep her around,” she said. “Take her on lavish trips, buy her a Ferrari and Chanel [purses] and private jets. Do anything you can to keep this woman because I don’t know what would happen if she was gone. Like, he would fall apart.”

King continued, “[Kortnie] is who my children have known for the last three years. And that stability is really important. I haven’t been able to give them that stability and a partner, which is a huge piece of mom guilt for me. But at least Jim — with his mountain of faults — is able to provide that. I’m gonna give him props where props are due.”

The reality star also addressed the restraining order she had against her ex, which was recently dropped.

“The temporary restraining order was dropped but we entered into a consent order that keeps the same terms as the restraining order. So it wasn’t dropped due to a lack of fear,” she explained. “It was dropped because it just changed. It just evolved and changed. Because of that, I feel safe.”

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She added, “Ever since I got the [temporary restraining order] things have pretty much been better. Plus, he’s in Italy right now, so he’s totally leaving me alone. It’s, like, his wedding day was also the best day of my life.”

King filed for the order in June, claiming the former baseball player hurled “frequent and consistent verbal abuse” at her while trying to co-parent virtually.

Edmonds rep told Us in a statement at the time, “This request for an order of protection is completely baseless and furthermore makes an absolute mockery of the pain suffered by the millions of women in this country who are legitimate victims of abuse.”


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