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Matthew McConaughey is speaking on the impact his father had on his worldview.

The actor was the inaugural guest of Amanda de Cadenet’s new podcast “The Conversation About the Men,” where he spoke on his views about consent.

McConaughey, who revealed in his memoir Greenlights that he suffered sexual abuse as a teenager, attributed his informed opinion about sex due to his late father, James Donald.

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“[My father is] talking to me as his son, as a male in this situation and speaking to me about a heterosexual relationship,” McConaughey recalled. “He says, ‘If you ever feel the girl the female hesitate, stop.’”

His father even encouraged him to wait another day even if his partner changed their mind again.

“He even said this, ‘you may even feel them hesitate and then after you stop, then they go, ‘Oh no, no, c’mon,’ Don’t. Wait until next time,’” he explained. “And he was right. I got in circumstances where I was like, ‘Nah nah nah, okay, I’m out’ and then saying, ‘Okay, cool, I’m out.’ The girl went, ‘Oh, well, no c’mon,’ and I was like, ‘No, no, no.’”

Rather than being afraid of losing an opportunity, he was advised to understand how important consent was.

“‘Trust you’ll have another day if it’s to be,’” McConaughey explained.

“The Conversation About the Men” was started in reaction to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

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“My hope is that I can create a space for men to speak honestly and openly in a collaborative way,” de Cadenet said in a statement, via TooFab. “Consent, parenting, race, cancel culture, porn, Roe V Wade and toxic masculinity are just some of the subjects we get into in an uncensored and authentic way.”

“The Conversation About the Men” launched on Monday.


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