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Martha Stewart made the sad announcement that several of her peacocks were murdered by wild coyotes at one of her farms. Apparently, the attack occurred in broad daylight.

The news comes after the TV personality revealed in April that her cat had been killed by four of her pet dogs.

On Saturday, Stewart took to Instagram, sharing a video of one of the beautiful birds, writing, “RIP beautiful BlueBoy. The coyotes came in broad daylight and devoured him and five others including the magnificent White Boy.”

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The cookware entrepreneur asked her followers, “Any solutions for getting rid of six large and aggressive coyotes who have expensive tastes when it comes to poultry??”

Stewart went on to explain that she’s no longer going to let her peacocks roam outside of their enclosed yard. She added that, moving forward, she will enclose the top of their pen area with wire fencing to avoid further incidents.

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Despite the sad post, people pointed out that the upbeat background music Stewart selected for the video is a little off. Some thought Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” sets a different tone, considering the post’s caption.

Stewart previously revealed that she has 21 peacocks and has gushed about the “glorious birds” on numerous occasions.


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