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Martha Stewart and Gwyneth Paltrow are continuing their friendly rivalry.

The lifestyle guru was recently featured in the newest promo for goop’s holiday guide.

“I was surprised that I was a part of her commercial and flattered that she wanted to take my call,” Stewart told Page Six.

Paltrow stars in her annual Gift Guide to Life for the brand, and in the newest behind-the-scenes video, can be seen preparing gifts for the likes of Brad Pitt, and Drew Barrymore. After getting her gifts in order, she hops into a vintage Mercedes-Benz and immediately receives a call.

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“Gwyneth, Martha Stewart is on the line,” a male voice announces.

“Guys, I gotta take this,” Paltrow says in a serious voice as the same voice on the line responds, “It sounds urgent!”

She then applies lipstick and speeds off.

An insider for the brand confirmed to the outlet that it was “a bit of a wink” to the various times Stewart has called out the brand over the years.

She once claimed their vagina-scented candles only sold out because of “guys who were horny”.

“They’ve always had a bit of back and forth. It’s all in good fun,” the goop insider said.

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Joking along, Stewart had a gift recommendation of her own for the actress.

“I was calling to tell her that I have my own gift guide and I thought she might want my puffer jacket,” she said.

Continuing the back and forth, Paltrow told Page Six she would have to decline the gift.

“Martha kindly offered me a puffer… as luck would have it, I already got one from Snoop [Dogg]!” she joked.


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