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Marilyn Manson texted Johnny Depp in 2016 calling his now-wife Lindsay Usich an “Amber 2.0” in a reference to Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard.

The text messages between Manson, 53, and Depp, 59, were revealed after thousands of pages of pre-trial documents from Depp’s defamation trial against Heard, 36, were unsealed over the weekend, according to reports from Newsweek, The New York Post and The Daily Mail.

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“I got an amber 2.0,” Manson texted the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star about his then-girlfriend Usich, 37. Usich and Manson married in 2020 and are still together. “Lindsay just puled an amber on me…please delete,” the musician wrote to Depp in another message.

Depp told Manson he should “stay calm” and “not to give her what she wants which is TO MAKE YOU SCREAM, FLIP OUT AND FLIP OUT AND FEED HER NARCISSISM!!!’” Depp went on to characterize Usich’s behavior as, “Sociopathic behavior.” He continued, “It is f—ing real, my brother!!” Alluding to Heard, Depp added, “My ex-c–t is god—- TEXTBOOK!!”

Manson again referred to Heard in subsequent messages. “I got a serious police amber type scenario with L’s family,” he wrote. “I’m f***ing stressing. I don’t know if you are back but I need asylum somewhere because I think the cops might be headed my way.”

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“Lindsay pulled an amber and she filed a police report,” he said in another message to Depp. “She is pulling an amber and the cops are gonna show up to serve me a restraining order.”

“This is f***ed. [Usich] said I beat her up,” he also texted, saying that she “gave the cops my address” and told them that he had drugs in his possession. Scared, Manson added, “I am ready to book outta here.”

Depp reportedly told Manson to “keep a distance and speak as little as possible to her!!!’

Depp’s legal team fought having the messages between the actor and Manson admitted into evidence, arguing that Heard’s lawyers sought to “smear Mr. Depp under a guilty by association theory.”

Manson has denied the multiple accusations of sexual assault and abuse leveled against him, including those by ex-fiancee Evan Rachel Wood, 34. Manson has filed a defamation lawsuit of his own against Wood.


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