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Mariah Carey paid a visit to Friday night’s edition of “The Tonight Show”, where she appeared in a sketch with host Jimmy Fallon.

The sketch begins with Fallon trying to get some sleep — in the top bed in a bunk bed — when he’s awakened by a text from Santa, who reveals he’s on St. Nick’s “naughty list” this year.

“My Christmas is ruined!” Fallon declares.

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“Did someone say Christmas?” answers Carey, who’s in the bottom bunk.

Fallon is confused, believing he’d been “a good boy this year,” but shows Carey the list of naughty things he’d done, as recorded by Santa.

Among Fallon’s dirty deeds: coming up with the idea for Netflix to play commercials, advising Elon Musk to buy Twitter, and engineering all the behind-the-scenes drama on “Don’t Worry Darling”.

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Despondent that Santa won’t be giving him any presents this year, Fallon’s mood is brightened by a gift from Carey: a copy of her new children’s book, The Christmas Princess — and comes up with a plan to get Fallon removed from the naughty list by gifting every member of the studio audience with a copy of the book as well.

Later in the show, Carey say down with Fallon to read some excerpts from her new book.

In addition, Carey seemingly confirmed an upcoming collab with Millie Bobby Brown, and hinted that “we may or may not be seeing” her upcoming holiday shows at Madison Square Garden coming to a streaming service.


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