By Anita Tai.

Speculating about Margot Robbie’s dating life is the newest trend on social media.

After the “Gate 14 Podcast” incorrectly reported the actress was dating Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Mitch White,  the sports world began having fun incorrectly claiming Robbie was dating different athletes.

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One fan jokingly claimed she was dating Tampa Bay Rays’ outfielder Manuel Margot.

Even more outrageously, one sports fan joked Robbie was committed to Philadelphia Flyers’ beloved mascot Gritty.

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The athletes, themselves, began getting in on the trend with New York Giants wide receiver Darius Slayton getting jealous over his teammate Isaiah Hodgins getting to “date” the actress before he did.

Robbie has been married to film producer Tom Ackerley since 2016, so all reports of the star dating star athletes are unlikely to come true anytime soon.


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