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The members of Måneskin are shocked by their own success.

Sitting down with ET Canada’s Jed Tavernier, the Italian rockers talked about landing their first-ever Grammy nomination, and working on their upcoming album.

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The band is nominated for Best New Artist at the 2023 Grammys, and they shared their reaction to receiving the news last week.

“It was like it was morning. We were out the night before. So, like, we were half asleep and we didn’t know exactly what time they would announcer the categories we were in,” Victoria De Angelis said. “Thomas [Raggi] was asleep. I was having a shower. Ethan [Torchio] was nowhere to find, so the man was the only one watching.”

She continued, “I started hearing, like, crazy screaming and swear words in Italian, and then he starts banging on my door. And I was like, ‘What did I do wrong?’ And then he was like, ‘We’re nominated for a Grammy!’

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The band is also currently at work on their next album, Rush!, set to be released next year.

Asked if they are feeling any pressure, Damiano David said, “I would say that we feel just happiness. Because we are happy to release our music.”

He added, “So we’re always happy to release new music for our crowd, our fans. No, we didn’t feel the pressure. We’ll see.”

De Angelis also said, “Also, I’d say, like, when it comes to the creative process and, like, writing music, we try to really not think about all the pressure and people that are going to listen and touch it, because otherwise it really kills. It’s like, you start thinking about too many things and really you lose the natural process, you know? So when it’s about music, we just try to, like, travel back in time to when we were 16 in the studio and just having fun, right?


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