By Corey Atad.

CNBC viewers got more than they bargained for on Monday morning.

During a segment on the network’s show “Squawk Box”, a remote interview was interrupted when a man walked by in the background wearing nothing but his underwear.

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The snafu occurred while Kari Firestone, the co-founder of Aureus Asset Management, was discussing bank earnings in the current market.

Of course, the subject of the conversation was far from people’s minds after seeing the man in his underwear.

The interview had already gotten off to a rocky start, when moments in, Firestone’s dog began barking in the background, which she apologized for.

“Don’t be sorry!” host Andrew Ross Sorkin told her. “You know, we love this … It’s a live show. That’s what we enjoy.”

Later, when the man in the background walked by, though neither she, nor the host mentioned it or seemed to notice.

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On Twitter, though, the moment quickly went viral.


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