By Aashna Shah.

With a crazy $30 million opening weekend, the scary doll thriller “M3GAN” defied forecasts and heated up a typically chilly period at the box office, confirming audiences’ infatuation with horror movies.


However, it was Universal’s initiative under Chief Marketing Officer Michael Moses that elevated “M3GAN” to a new level. The internet quickly fell in love with M3GAN.

Director James Wan Returns To His Horror Roots In Terrifying New Trailer For ‘Malignant’


As reported by Deadline, of the film, James Wan said: “In my previous doll movies — they don’t kill anyone. Annabelle never gets up and walks around. Everyone says I’m the killer doll guy. So, I said, I’m going to make a killer doll movie for a brand new generation. Today’s kids didn’t grow up with Chucky like we did.”




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