By Brent Furdyk.

Lupita Nyong’o is an adventurous diner, something she proved in a new video she shared with fans on Instagram.

In the clip, Nyong’o attends an Audi gala held at Los Angeles restaurant Noma.

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She reaches for a piece of fruit and displays it for the camera, revealing it’s dotted with tiny ants before taking a bite, ants and all.

“It’s really good!” she declares. “It’s not crunchy or anything.”


While some of her followers praised her for promoting insects as a source of protein, others were just plain confused.

“No baby,” wrote one fan in a comment. “I love you. But no.”

Other comments read, “Well can you come eat the ones on my porch,” and, “Nooooooo. I feel itchy now.”

Nyong’o also received thumbs-down comments from her “Black Panther” co-star Winston Duke and “The Upshaws” star Gabrielle Dennis.


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