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Friday, Nov. 11 marks the arrival of Louis Tomlinson’s second studio album, Faith in the Future.

In a new interview with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman, Tomlinson discusses how his sophomore LP is reflective of his own personal growth in recent years.

“This album, it just carries a slightly different… it makes me cringe saying this but like a slightly different maturity to the lyrics. I don’t think I would have been able to write this album five years ago,” he explained.

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“I’ve kind of been working up to this part really, and working up to this kind of feeling because now I’ve got a full tour under my belt and I’m really, really confident about the music that I’m making,” he added. “I think, you know, it kind of honours me as an artist, so I feel really good. You know, it’s it’s a really good time for me and I’m excited about what comes next.”

While One Direction may have gone their separate ways, Tomlinson revealed that he and the other 1D members keep in touch, supporting each other’s various solo projects.

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“We’re brothers. We experienced so much together. So I think it’s important we do that for each other,” he shared.

“There’s so many different singles, we’d be texting each other every other week,” he added. “Normally around the album, that’s when I normally make sure to try and text the lads and I’m sure they’ll do the same.”


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