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Lizzo surprised fans while appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Wednesday night.

During a new edition of “Undercover Sing!” fans were brought into a room to have their reactions recorded while listening to Lizzo’s new album Special, released last week on July 15. One fan dubbed the singer’s new music as “the party album of the summer.”

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One by one, each selected fan entered the room separately, putting on a pair of headphones to listen to the singer’s hottest tracks. Most of them quickly realized that the lyrics had been individually customized towards them, such as having their appearance described, as Lizzo watched them from a room next door. She made the lyrics up on the spot before sneaking into the room where the fans were seated to surprise them.

Lizzo’s fans freaked out at the sight of the “About Damn Time” singer. One fan even had to pinch the star to see if she was real.

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The lucky fans scored another sweet surprise, tickets to Lizzo’s upcoming tour, “The Special Tour”, which kicks off September 23rd.

Watch the clip above to see fans’ hilarious reactions.


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