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Lisa Vanderpump is mourning the loss of her miniature horse, Rosé. The reality star and restauranteur took to Twitter Saturday morning to reveal that Rosé passed unexpectedly in the night after collapsing at their Beverly Hills home.

“Such sadness today at villa rosa… Our little horse rosè passed away unexpectedly last night after a frantic dash to hospital after she collapsed😢,” Vanderpump wrote before adding that her other miniature horse, Diamonds was feeling Rosé’s presence as well, “Diamonds is crying for her… us too.”

Vanderpump went on to share a photo of Rosé, writing, “Here she was having a bath.”

The 61-year-old TV personality also re-tweeted fans who shared their condolences to Vanderpump and her family, as well as memories of Rosé, who often appeared on both “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” and “Vanderpump Rules”, as a fixture at Villa Rose — Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills estate. Vanderpump gave the mini horses to her husband, Ken Todd, as a gift — a moment captured in a 2015 episode of “RHOBH”.

Vanderpump’s most recent post featuring Rosé came in a promotion for Nationwide pet insurance. In the promo video, the SUR Restaurant & Lounge owner can be seen feeding her horses as she shares more about Nationwide’s pet insurance policies.

“So, you all know how much I love my fur babies,” she tells the camera as feeds and pets Rosé and Diamond. “And taking good care of them is everything to me.”

The loss of Rosé comes less than a year after the death of one of her dogs, a golden retriever named Rumpy. Vanderpump lost Rumpy to cancer last December. And just months before that, her other golden retriever, Avery, died as well.

And in 2020, Vanderpump also mourned the death of perhaps her most famous pet, her dog, Giggy.

“We are devastated to say that our beloved Giggy has passed away this morning. He was truly loved, and we know how many of you loved him too,” Vanderpump wrote on Instagram at the time, sharing a series of cute photos of Giggy.

She credited Giggy as the inspiration behind her and Ken starting the Vanderpump Dog Foundation and helping them embark on a mission “to save as many dogs as possible.”

While the foundation rescues dogs around the world, Vanderpump told ET last June that the dogs help rescue their new owners too.

“It’s like, who’s rescuing who?” Vanderpump asked. “We’ve rescued, out 2.5 thousand dogs now, or nearly that — not worldwide, obviously more than that worldwide — but domestically, and finding [them] happy homes.”

For more on Vanderpump and her love of animals, check out the video below.


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