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Introducing: Pilk!

On Thursday, Pepsi debuted a new Christmas-themed ad campaign starring none other than Lindsay Lohan and a very unusual take on soda.

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“Nice,” Lohan says, dressed in a Santa outfit as she pours a can of Pepsi into a glass.

Then, she pulls out a cup of milk and begins pouring it into the Pepsi, saying, “Ooh, naughty!”

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Lohan then sticks a straw in the concoction in order to take a sip.

“Pepsi and milk,” she says, pausing to think for a moment. “Pilk!”

After tasting the drink, she adds, “Mm, that is one dirty soda.”

Olivia Rodrigo popularized “dirty soda” in an Instagram post last year, though in that case the recipe sold by Swig involved mixing a soda with creamer, flavoured syrups and lime juice.


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