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Lilly Singh couldn’t believe it when Rihanna asked her to be involved in her “Savage X Fenty Vol. 4” fashion show.

Singh exclusively tells ET Canada of modelling for RiRi’s brand, “Yeah, I’m going to look right into the camera and say, ‘This is the best day of my life.’ This is literally the best… When I got this email, I was like, ‘Shut up, everyone shut your mouth.’ I’m like, my team is pranking me. It is the best day of my life.”

The Canadian YouTuber continues, “I mean, it’s iconic. I can’t believe… I feel so honoured to be here. It represents everything I believe in with loving yourself and feeling comfortable in your skin and loving your body. And so this is just truly one of the highlights of my life.”

Singh explains how “Queen RiRi” followed her on Instagram years ago, telling us, “I was like freaked out then as well. But to be here, a part of this, I mean, living the dream, truly.”

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She continues to say how representation means a lot to her, so she couldn’t be happier to be included in the show.

Singh shares, “Growing up being South Asian, you know, being queer… I feel like representation is everything for me. And I really am a believer of when you see it, you can believe it, you can achieve it.

“And someone like Rihanna, who’s so iconic, that so many people look up to from around the world also, like a global icon, I think it’s so important for her to be like, ‘no, I’m changing the rules of fashion and this is how we’re now going to define beauty.’ To help society unlearn this unhealthy, problematic definition of beauty we’ve had for so long.”

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She tells us that because everybody has been so supportive behind-the-scenes, that has helped boost her confidence, as well.

Singh says, “When I did my fitting for the show yesterday, I was 100 percent sure that, oh I’m not going to wear like a bra because I’ll feel self-conscious.

“I actually felt the most confident in it ’cause everyone was so supportive. And I was like, ‘No I love myself.’ So, I think what makes me feel the most savage is stepping into my own light and being like, ‘I am beautiful and I don’t need to be perfect and I don’t need to be on. I can just be myself.’”


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