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Lili Reinhart is all about healing.

Over the weekend, the “Riverdale” star shared the news on Instagram that she had earned the title of reiki master as part of her wellness journey.

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The company tagged by Reinhart in the post, Luminaries Healing, offers reiki classes.

Reiki is a type of alternative medicine from Japan, using a technique called palm healing, in which energy is said to move through the practitioner’s hands to the patient.

“Omggggg my personal reiki master, proud of you!” Reinhart’s “Riverdale” co-star Vanessa Morgan wrote in the comments.

Camila Mendes added, “Proud of you.”

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Reinhart shared that she had got into reiki as a form of self-healing in a 2021 interview with Elle Singapore.

“As far as lessons that I’ve learned, we are so powerful as human beings and we don’t get that taught or told to us enough,” she said at the time. “Things like how we can manifest things in our world and heal ourselves. We [tend to] look for outside sources to heal us, but the truth of the matter is that healing very much happens from inside of you.”


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