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Decadent, gourmet and flavorful are just a few words that have been used to describe Inglourious Bagels, an eatery that makes fresh New York-style bagels right in Carlsbad. 

The restaurant — a joint venture between Brian Gruber, owner of La Costa’s award-winning Notorious Burgers and a few of his close friends – Phil Gunther, Andrew Brewer, and Randall Sims — was more than a year in the making because the group of friends wanted to ensure they had the perfect recipe for a classic bagel that is typically found in a Jewish bakery or delicatessen in the Big Apple. 

“We really wanted to capture the great texture and flavor of the bagels that you expect in Brooklyn and Manhattan,” Gruber said. “I studied the technique and the ingredients, visited some of the best bagel shops, and even learned from a few that were willing to share their secrets. The one thing that was missing was the water.” 

In order to create the perfect recipe, they had to also ensure they had the purest water. They said New York is known for its water because of its “relative softness” and its mineral and salt content. Gruber said to create pure water for their own bagels, they began to distill local water. 

“Then, we balance the pH, mineralize, and add the necessary salts to replicate New York’s,” he said.  

Courtesy of Inglourious Bagels

Today, Inglourious Bagels offers a menu with more than a dozen bagel flavors, flavorful schmears, and stacked bagel sandwiches. Coffee and espresso are also prepared on-site with local roasts from Café Motto, as well as smoothies, salads, pizzas and even a Matzo Ball soup. Everything is made in-house, using premium ingredients, with focus on local and organic when available. 

“We hope our customers get a great gastronomic experience out of our restaurant,” Sims said. “It is as simple as that. We strive to give them something they love and to give folks who grew up on the East Coast something they remember.”

In fact, Sims said they feel “blessed” to be able to open their bagel concept in San Diego County. 

“Our food isn’t easy to make. It takes time to create everything in-house and that’s time we are willing to spend,” he said. “On the other hand, if you want something that is prepared with love and craft and a nod to a beautiful culture and east coast flavor then come see us.”

Inglourious Bagels is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. at 6955 El Camino Real in Carlsbad. For more information, go to www.InglouriousBagels.com


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