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Noel Gallagher has earned the ire of disability charities.

Appearing recently on the “Matt Morgan’s Funny How?” podcast, the former Oasis band member talked about how he managed to get onto a viewing platform at Glastonbury, along with Rita Ora, reserved for people with disabilities.

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He explained that a security guard had tried to stop him from using the platform, but he showed him an Access All Areas pass.

“I said: ‘See that pass, mate? It gets me any-f**king-where,” Gallagher said.

The musician then joked that if he had to, he would have tipped someone out of their wheelchair and got his son to sit in it, in order to get into the off-limits area.

He also joked that he would then pretend to touch people on the forehead, imitating a faith healer, telling them to “rise… you can walk.”

He also said that that he wasn’t aware it was a platform for disabled attendees until after they got into the reserved area, but added, “I gotta say, those disabled cats have a great view of everything.”

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In a statement to the Mirror, Warren Kirwan, media manager at disability equality charity Scope said, “The casual abuse and belittling of disabled people in this interview is vile.”

Kirwan added, “Noel Gallagher and Matt Morgan should know better and hold their heads in shame. There is no excuse for this kind of language. On top of that, accessible platforms aren’t for privileged rock stars and their friends. These platforms exist so that disabled people can enjoy live music — without them, many of our festivals would simply be off limits.”

Gallagher’s brother and former Oasis bandmate, Liam Gallagher, took a shot at his sibling amidst their ongoing feud.

Taking to Instagram, he shared a comment about his brother’s statement.

I’d like to apologise on behalf of my family about the little fellas recent remarks about people with disabilities,” he wrote, adding, “SORRY were not all c**ts LG x.”


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