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Last year, it was announced that Lena Dunham would be directing a movie based on beloved children’s toy Polly Pocket, and now she’s offering an update.

While promoting her new Prime Video movie, “Catherine Called Birdy”, Dunham discussed where she’s at with the Polly Pocket movie, with Lily Collins (“Emily in Paris”) attached to star as the tiny doll named for being able to fit into one’s pocket.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Dunham revealed she’s just completing her second draft of the screenplay, which will reportedly focus on a young girl who forges a friendship with tiny Polly.

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According to Dunham, “we have a lot of fun with the idea of what happens when a small person encounters a big world.”

Dunham also teased just how small Colllins’ character will be.

“Let’s just say Polly Pocket was at her best when she was the original teensy tiny ’90s size,” Dunham hinted. “They made her a little bigger now, which I support, because of choking hazards. But I’m writing ’90s tiny.”

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Meanwhile, Dunham declared how anxious she is to see that other movie based on a popular Mattel doll, director Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie”, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling.

“I just want that movie in the world and I want to be watching that right now,” Dunham said. “I wish we were at a screening of ‘Barbie’ right now.”


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