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K-pop singer and actor Lee Jihan has died. The young entertainer was among the victims of the horrific crowd surge tragedy in Seoul, South Korea. He was 24.

Lee Jihan was one of 154 people killed in the incident, which occurred on Saturday in Itaewon, a busy nightlife district in the capital city.

Lee Jihan first gained fame competing on the second season of the popular reality singing competition series “Produce 101”, where 101 contestants are all vying for a chance to join an 11-member K-pop group.

After appearing on “Produce 101”, Lee Jihan made a foray into acting in 2019, appearing in the popular Korean drama series “Today Was Another Nam Hyun Day”.

The actor’s agency, 935 Entertainment, released a statement to multiple outlets confirming the news.

“We are sad to deliver such news today, but Lee Jihan has passed away in the crush in Itaewon last night,” the statement read. “We would like to express our deepest condolences to his family, who are saddened by the sudden tragic news, also to everyone who loved him.”

On Saturday, thousands of people assembled in the streets of Itaewon to celebrate Halloween festivities. However, the crowd size became overwhelming, leading to panic and an eventual fatal crowd surge.

The death toll has continued to rise since the incident, with over 80 other people reported injured, and thousands of missing person reports filed in the days since the tragedy.


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