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As any serious “Back to the Future” fans will recall, Oct. 21 was the date that Marty McFly piloted filmdom’s most famous DeLorean into 2015 in “Back to the Future Part II”, with that date now one of a few “Back to the Future” days celebrated each year (other dates include Oct. 26 (the date Marty went to the past in the original “Back to the Future”) and Nov. 12 (the date he went back to the old west in “Back to the Future Part III”).

Star Lea Thompson marked this year’s “Back to the Future” Day by taking to Instagram to share some throwback photos of herself and co-stars Michael J. Fox (Marty), Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown) and Thomas F. Wilson (Biff Tannen).

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“Today is apparently one of the #backtothefuture days,” Thompson wrote.

“I have shared so many beautiful memories through the years with the wonderful cast and especially you!!! Folks that come up to me and share their memories of the film. It is such a blessing and honour. Thank you!! And happy #bttfday have a great weekend,” she added.

Earlier this year, Thompson opened up about the importance of “Back to the Future” in her career, and why the movies’ legacy still looms large.

“It was a great part, I loved it,” Thompson told The Sunday Post, explaining why she’s happy to be known for those movies as opposed to something else.

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“Lorraine was an insane character and I’m really happy to be known for a great film and an insane part,” she added. “It’s a total blessing. I could be known for a horrible slasher movie, so to be known for this, which is inexplicably going from generation to generation to generation, and people still love it so much, I don’t have any problem with it.”


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