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Things are heating up in the sequel for “365 Days”.

On Monday, Netflix released the trailer for the third entry in the steamy franchise.

Netflix Drops Steamy First Trailer For ‘365 Days’ Sequel

“The Next 365 Days” follows Laura and Massimo’s relationship after the dramatic events of “365 Days: This Day”.

Laura, played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka, appears to be alive and well as she and Massimo, played by Michele Morrone, continue their hot romance. Trouble is brewing in paradise, however, as Laura can’t keep her ex-flame Nacho out of her mind. The days they spent together on the island continue to haunt her memory.

It seems Nacho can’t stop thinking about her either as he whispers seductively in the trailer, “I can’t forget about you.”

“The Next 365 Days” – Photo: Netflix
“The Next 365 Days” – Photo: Netflix
“The Next 365 Days” – Photo: Netflix
“The Next 365 Days” – Photo: Netflix

However, secrets clearly have a way of coming out as Massimo dramatically confronts Laura about their time together.

“What happened in the island?” he questions her. “I think you’re hiding something from me.”

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Simone Susinna returns to play Nacho and franchise directors Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes will helm the third film as well.

The films are based on the Polish erotic trilogy written by Blanka Lipińska.

“The Next 365 Days” hits Netflix on Aug. 19.

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