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Lala Kent recalled a scary incident with her 19-month-old daughter that occurred just last week.

During this week’s episode of the “Vanderpump Rules” star’s podcast “Give Them Lala“, Kent recounted what happened one night after she put her baby girl, Ocean, to bed.

The TV personality explained that, while she was getting herself into bed, she heard her daughter getting “upset” in her bedroom, immediately indicating that “something’s wrong” since her little one is sleep trained.

“I go in and she’s like gasping for air, she cannot breathe,” Kent, 32, said. However, she noted that, in the moment, she felt reassured that air was getting into Ocean’s lungs because she was screaming.

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“I was keeping an eye on her for what seemed like an hour which was really five minutes before I decided we’re going to the emergency room — like something’s off,” she continued.

“I was watching her, I tried to lay down, I was steaming the shower, [and] while it was steaming, I put her on my chest, laid in the bed and just the way she was sounding, you could tell she was having trouble breathing,” she shared. “Now I’m not f**king around.”

Kent then rushed her daughter, whom she shares with ex Randall Emmett, to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles and was put “into a room immediately.”

“She let out this cry and then a cough and this nurse overhears her and asks, ‘how long has that baby been doing that?’” Kent recalled. “I said, ‘I don’t know because I just got her back. I share custody right now. I got her at 7, I put her down. This is what I have now.’”

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Kent noted that, although Ocean was “a little lethargic” and had a runny nose, she didn’t think much of it at first because “I was told my baby was doing great when she was at the other house.”

“She ended up having croup, which when they’re infants is very scary,” Kent said of the illness, which Mayo Clinic defines as “an infection of the upper airway” that “obstructs breathing and causes a characteristic barking cough.”

“Luckily, Ocean’s lungs are developed so it is something that if you catch it quickly is very treatable.”


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