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Kristin Cavallari isn’t afraid to tell it like it is when discussing her post-baby body.

The “Laguna Beach” star, who shares sons Camden, 10, and Jaxon, 8, and daughter Saylor, 6, with ex-husband Jay Cutler, did a Q&A with fans on her Instagram Story on Tuesday.

One social media user asked, “Are your boobs real? They look amazing! (Jealous mom of 2 here).”

Cavallari responded, “Gonna keep it real with y’all: got a lift after breast feeding all 3 kids.”

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Credit: Instagram/Kristin Cavallari
Credit: Instagram/Kristin Cavallari

The Uncommon James founder also shared her thoughts on Botox and fillers, telling another person, “It’s not for me (or maybe I should say, I’ve never done it). But I’ve seen it look amazing on some people.”

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She admitted that her “concern is that we don’t know the long-term effects of it (and I don’t mean like 5-10 years, I mean like 20 years) and I think your face is a muscle, so we need to work it out the same way we would any other muscle.”

Cavallari added, “I’m super animated so I need my face to move and honestly, my lines don’t bother me.”

Another fan questioned whether she’d have more kids, to which she replied: “I’m not looking to have more, BUT if I met someone who didn’t have kids then I would have one more.”


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