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Here comes the “slob kabob” all dressed in leather fits! On this week’s episode of “The Kardashians”, Kourtney Kardashian opens up about her drunken first “wedding” to Travis Barker in Las Vegas.

Though that wedding wasn’t legal, it was certainly memorable, just not to Kourt.

“I blacked out,” Kourtney admits to her pal, Simon Huck, days later.

In an aside interview, discussing “Tequila Kourtney,” the Poosh founder reveals, “I didn’t even remember Elvis, like, sang to me walking down the aisle. I didn’t remember I had a bouquet.”

The couple notes that their first faux-wedding was an intimate affair with only their security, Travis’ manager, and his drum tech in attendance.

Simon then watches iPhone footage of the pair saying their vows while swaying.

“I’m, like, slurring if you can’t hear,” Kourt says.

And there was one moment that sent Kourtney over the edge thanks to the Elvis impersonator who couldn’t get her name right.

Elvis kept calling Kourtney by her sister Khloe’s name, causing her to fall to the ground in a fit of giggles.

“When Elvis was marrying us, he was like, ‘I, Khloe, take thee, Travis,’ and I just lost my mind, fell straight on the floor, and we couldn’t get up,” she recalls.

While she made it through the ceremony, Kourtney says that her post-ceremony antics were less put together.

“I did throw up after, though, and took my top off and unbuttoned my pants,” she reveals in an aside interview. “I had to walk back through the hotel with a million people taking my photo. I was a hot slob kabob.”

Travis doesn’t seem concerned by his bride’s behavior.

“If that was anything like our real wedding, I’ll be really stoked,” Travis says grinning, “because it was awesome. It was so fun.”

Kourt explains that they did try to get a license, but because the wedding took place at 2 a.m., they weren’t able to at the time.

“I am truly living my best life. Don’t let anyone tell you any different,” Kourtney says grinning.

Later in the episode, Kourtney’s momager, Kris Jenner, meets up with Kourtney’s sister, Kim Kardashian, and discusses the impromptu nuptials.

“We’ve all done it once in our lives,” Kim quips, referencing her 2000 wedding to Damon Thomas at the age of 19.

“Yours was real,” Kris says to her daughter.

Kris admits in her confessional that it would be “so disappointing” if Kourtney had actually gotten married without her being there, but adds, “I guess I’ll get over it, I mean, been there, done that. Kim did it too. She didn’t even tell me when she came home. I’d be afraid of me too.”

Kim doesn’t think the legality of Kravis’ wedding really matters, but Kris says, “She was drunk as a skunk laying on the floor throwing up, who wants to get married like that?”

Kim jokes, “Who doesn’t?”

Kourtney and Travis followed up their practice wedding with a legal courthouse ceremony and a lavish Italian wedding, which will likely be covered on the show.


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