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King Charles experienced his first viral moment during Saturday’s proclamation ceremony, when he encountered some difficulties with a fountain pen and an inkpot while signing the official Accession Procolmation officially making him king.

As People reported, during the first-ever televised ceremony, Charles’ role is to affix his signature — Charles R, the traditional royal signature dating back to the 12th century — to the document.

Charles III Officially Proclaimed Britain’s King At Tradition-Steeped Ceremony

However, the large documents and the rather small desk led to some frustration when he called for an aide to rearrange the pens and inkpot on the desk so he’d be able to sign.

The brief moment as he moved the inkpot out of the way grimaced while gesturing for the pens to be moved, quickly went viral on social media.


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As People points out that the inkpot and pen were gifted to him by his sons, Prince Harry and Prince William — which didn’t prevent jokes that he was stealing the pen when he tucked it into his pocket after signing.


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