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Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher are giving each other workout tips

Next Tuesday, the reality star joins Kutcher for his Peloton series “Our Future Selves”, and in a preview, fans get a look at exactly how that fitness fun will go.

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“Excitement level? I’m at like 11 today,” Kutcher says in the video. “My friend Kim is here. I’m really, really stoked to have a conversation with her.”

“You showed up. You don’t even run,” Kutcher adds, to which Kardashian admits, “I do not.”

Workout instructor Robin Árzon helps guide the duo, saying, “I love Kim K,” saying she “dismantles and smashes the idea that one has to stay in their lane.”

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Kutcher adds during their run, “You are literally running a 7-minute mile pace. What is happening right now?”

“I think this is what I’m missing in my workout,” Kardashian says. “So it’s been inspiring and a little bit life-changing on how I’m gonna move forward with my routine.”


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