By Corey Atad.

Kim Kardashian has found her new go-to method for getting a tighter stomach.

On her Instagram Story on Wednesday, the reality star shared a photo of her abdomen as she underwent a tightening treatment.

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With her belly looking quite red in the photo, Kardashian wrote in the caption, “This is a game changer!!! I did morpheous [SIC} laser to tighten my stomach @drghavami ‘s spa @gpsaesthetics”

Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram
Photo: Kim Kardashian/Instagram

Calling it her “fave laser,” she added, “it’s painful lol but worth it!”

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Later on her Instagram Story, Kardashian shared her experience getting a full body scan to measure body fat and bone density and “all the good stuff to make sure you are fit and healthy.”

She shared that the scan showed her bones are stronger than 93-97 per cent of people, and that she did not lose any muscle mass in the last year.


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