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Kevin Smith says he “bawled throughout” Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s wedding at Affleck’s Atlanta area estate.

The director, 52, spoke exclusively to ET Canada about the couple’s August 21st marriage celebration — their second; Ben & Jen legally wed in Las Vegas on July 17 — and played it a bit coy when asked whether Affleck mentioned him in his wedding speech.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Officially Marry Again With Second Wedding In Georgia

“I put up a couple pictures of me and my friends, my wife, and Jay [Mewes] and Jay’s wife Jordan [Mansanto] in white outfits on both Twitter and Instagram — never said what I was doing whatsoever,” Smith explained of his social media posts that led people to believe he attended the nuptials of Bennifer 2.0.

“And I just read a slew of articles telling me that I went to ben Affleck’s wedding, man. Those two things seem conflated.” He quipped, “I just happened to be wearing white.”

Understanding that he was fooling no one with his non-denial denial, Smith added, “That being said, had I been at that wedding — f***, was it one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever been present for in my life.”

Smith was protective of Affleck and Lopez’s privacy though, saying, “I cant share details because it would be theirs to share.” However, he described the wedding as “overwhelmingly emotional.”

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“Im a crier,” he continued. “I cry all the time. I cry watching episodes of ‘The Flash.’ I cry watching ‘Degrassi’ for heaven’s sake. But I bawled throughout because it was goddamn beautiful. So beautiful.”

Smith and Affleck famously worked together in several of Smith’s films including “Chasing Amy,” “Dogma,” “Jersey Girl,” and “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” The pair, who were not always on the best of terms, have recently become close again.


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