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Kevin Hart is shocked.

On the latest episode of “The Pivot Podcast” with former NFL stars Channing Crowder, Fred Taylor and Ryan Clark, the “Central Intelligence” star can’t believe his ears when Crowder reveals he and his wife regularly spend time at a nudist colony.

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“Me and my wife go to a nudist colony once a once a year,” the retired Miami Dolphins linebacker said. “We go to a nudist colony.”

With a stunned look on his face, Hart asked, “What’s going on?”

“We go to a place where like, you walk in, everybody just gets naked and runs around,” Crowder explained. “So we go to the nudist colony and you know, we just kind of go around, you gotta shave everything and show out. And especially when you shave your shit, it looks bigger because you gain inches from no hair.”

But Hart was still stuck on the idea of going to a nudist colony in the first place.

“Back up for a second. I just wanna get clarity. Y’all just hanging out or y’all f**king these people like what–” he asked.

“No, no, there are swingers there, but you set the precedent when you get there,” Crowder told him.

“So y’all get down?” Hart continued asking.

“We don’t get down, but we just like to be around naked people together,” Crowder tried to clarify.

Hart pressed him, “You hear what you’re saying out loud?”

“You don’t like to be around naked people?” Crowder asked later, to which the comedian responded, “Be honest with you I have no desire to be around a bunch of people I don’t know, just sitting there naked.”

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Crowder has regularly been open about his sex life with his wife, including revealing earlier this year that he likes to do role-play, in which he is a cat and his wife is an older cat lady.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, fans had a big laugh at Hart’s reaction to the football player’s penchant for nudism.


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