By Corey Atad.

This is one unique way to play guitar.

On Saturday, Kevin Bacon put his own very stripped back and delicious spin on the viral hit “It’s Corn”.

Kevin Bacon Performs Acoustic Rendition Of Beyoncé’s ‘Heated’ While Surrounded By Goats

In a video posted to Instagram, the actor performed an acoustic cover of the song, at one point strumming the strings of his guitar with a corn on the cob.

Finishing off the song, Bacon took a bite out of the cob, singing, “It’s corn.”

The viral “It’s Corn” phenomenon began with a video clip of young child Tariq being interviewed about his love of corn.

Kevin Bacon Looks Back At ‘Footloose’ As Being ‘A Great Gift’

Soon enough, Signify This made Tariq go even more viral by turning his interview into an actual song.


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