By Corey Atad.

Kerry Washington is looking out for her fellow actors.

On Wednesday night, the “Scandal” star guest-hosted “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, and she used the opportunity to do a little giving back.

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“Acting is one of those jobs that seems very, very glamorous. Sometimes it is. But in reality, it can also be very tough,” Washington said in her monologue. “When I first started, I had to supplement my income by being a substitute teacher, a yoga instructor, a hostess at a restaurant.”

She continued, “So it meant a lot to me, the first time that I qualified for that sweet Screen Actors Guild health insurance.”

As Washington explained, “In order to get SAG health care, you have to make a certain amount of money each year, which is not always easy to do.”

That’s why the guest host decided to bring on some actors who are only one line on a TV show away from qualifying for health insurance and give them their moment in the sun.

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Introducing actress Madeline McCuskey, who has appeared in “9-1-1”, Washington got her to say one line for the paycheque that would put her over the top.

“Let’s see, how about, I just got health coverage,” McCuskey said as confetti began raining down.

After that, Washington was interrupted by a mailman delivering her a letter. But it wasn’t actually a mailman.

“This is Daniel William Jordan. He’s an actor who was $487.18 away from qualifying. Was. Cause now, he has health care!”

Asked what he’s going to do with his health coverage, Daniel said, “I’m gonna get my weird mole checked out,” to which the guest host remarked, “Okay, that was really gross, byeee.”


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