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From one Kendrick to another.

Kendrick Lamar took a break during the “Big Steppers” tour stop in Detroit, Michigan, on Sunday to speak to a young fan named after the rapper. The boy stood front row at Lamar’s show holding a sign reading, “My name is Kendrick. This is my first concert. Can we take a pic?”

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“Always honour them,” Lamar told young Kendrick, speaking of his parents, per People. “They brought you to your first concert. Always respect and honour them.

“You will forever be great. You’re great right now. You can do whatever you wanna put your mind to, you know it? You understand that?” Lamar continued from the stage. “Little Kendrick, do what you wanna do in life.”

Lamar also wrote a short letter on the back of the fan’s sign after the show.

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“Young Kendrick. Thank you for coming,” the note read. “I’m glad we got to exchange energy. You are special.

“Continue to manifest the great energy you possess!!! See you next time!!! Luv!!!”


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