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Kendall Jenner says that she’s learned to tune out the lies surrounding her famous family.

The model spoke on the latest episode of the “On Purpose with Jay Shetty” podcast about how she deals with every detail of her family being scrutinized by the public and having stories made up about them.

Jenner says she’s not immune to the rumours, but over time has learned to cope with them better.

“There’s so many false narratives. So many people think they have you figured out when they don’t even know the half of it. It can feel really unfair because that is not who I am. That can really get to me sometimes and that really sucks. But then looking at myself in the mirror and being like, ‘I know who I am, so why does anything else matter?’”

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She dismisses those stories as unimportant, adding, “Everything else is just noise.”

Along with better coping strategies for the gossip mill, the reality star says her focus and priorities in her career have changed as well.

“The things that I accomplished, even my job, at one point when I was younger, I decided I wanted to be a model,” she recalls. “I didn’t stop until I was 24, then I was like, ‘Okay I think I need to take it back a notch.’”

That period of working continuously led to a period of burnout for the 26-year-old who didn’t want to appear as ungrateful for her opportunities.

“There was a core five years where I was extremely overworked, not my happiest, and I felt like I was saying yes to everything because I felt really grateful to be in the position I was in,” she explains.

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“I just wasn’t happy anymore so I had to set those boundaries for myself,” she notes. “I need to start saying no when I can and start prioritizing me and my well-being.”

As for whether she has any regrets about her decision to step back a bit from her career, the star of “The Kardashians” has none.

“It has done wonders for me,” she adds.

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