By Corey Atad.

Kendall Jenner doesn’t need all the drama.

On the latest episode of “The Kardashians”, the 26-year-old shared her frustration with the public having a negative perception of her.

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“Anything I do gets hate,” she said. “I could be walking down the street doing absolutely nothing and somebody always has something bad to say.”

Jenner admitted that the negativity does get to her, and that she wishes people would see her differently.

“I think the one that hurts the most is that people think I’m a mean girl,” she said in the confessional. “‘Cause that’s just not the case. It can be upsetting when someone is questioning your character. And if only people knew me.”

Calling the Las Vegas work trip she was on “very overwhelming,” Jenner said that she “craved the complete opposite” sort of place.

“I wanna be on a farm in Wyoming with a ton of animals,” she said. “That’s where I wanna be.”

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She also admitted that having normal friendships could be hard because of her famous family.

“They just wanted to come over to be on it,” Jenner said of making friends when she was younger. “So my walls went up then. I also just get uncomfortable, I never want to be like, ‘Hey, do you want to be on my show?’”

She added, though, that over time she has “gotten a lot more comfortable with it.”


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