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Bob Saget’s wife is opening up about her relationship with his children.

On Thursday, Kelly Rizzo sat down with the “Today” show and talked about how she has been dealing with her grief and more in the year since the beloved actor died.

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When I think about the fact that I haven’t talked to, or seen my husband in a year, that’s very surreal and very, very strange,” she said.

She also revealed that her relationship with Saget’s three daughters, Aubrey, Lara and Jennifer has grown closer than ever.

“The three of them are just everything to me because they were everything to him,” Rizzo said. “Keeping them close, really, is everything.”

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Rizzo also talked about trying to bring Saget’s famous optimism into her life, including her grieving.

“I’m really trying to take from it what you can do to turn this into a positive experience because Bob did that,” she said. “He had so much loss in his life, and he turned everything into a positive, reflective experience. If he did that, I want to use this experience in the same way.”

She added,”The missing him and the being sad about it doesn’t go away. The grief now has morphed into this tremendous gratitude for the time that we had together.”

Saget died on Jan. 9, 2022, at age 65 due to an accidental head trauma.


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