By Corey Atad.

Kelly Rizzo is missing her late husband.

Over the weekend, Rizzo shared a post on Instagram marking nine months since Bob Saget passed away suddenly.

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“9 months without him,” she wrote. “It feels like forever and also one day all at the same time.”

The post included an old “couples challenge” video Rizzo and Saget made together in which they answered questions about their marriage using pushups.

“I love looking back on these videos to see how much joy and silliness and fun and love we shared. The pain and grief ebbs and flows and I still have some days that just suck and there are days that are lighter now too,” she wrote.

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“But every day there is a palpable hole where he used to be,” Rizzo continued. “But at the same time he left behind SO much residual love and laughter that he still feels so near and present. It’s all quite an enigma.”

Finally, she added, “As our anniversary nears later this month, I’ll share more thoughts, but for now I’ll leave you with this silly video. We had a blast making these. Miss you and love you so much, honey.”

Rizzo received messages of love and support from followers, including many celebrities.

“He literally loves the fuck out of you. I love you both infinity ❤️,” Seth Rogen said.

Amanda Kloots wrote, “This is so cute. Love you friend ❤️.”

“I f**king love you guys,” Joel McHale added.


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