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Keke Palmer’s baby is already looking out for the mom-to-be.

The actress shared an update on her recently revealed pregnancy on Instagram.

In a caption on the video, she wrote, “I FOUND THE CURE TO ACNE!”

Keke Palmer Shows Off Baby Bump On A Tropical ‘Baby Moon’ With Boyfriend Darius Jackson

“I know you can’t see because I got a face of makeup on right now, but if you really get into it, I want you to see everything right here is extremely flat,” she began in the video, dressed in a chic blazer. “What that means is, even with the discoloration – which we’re gonna get to – there’s no more of the bumps. There’s no more of the rays. So, I’m here to let you all know that I found the secret. I found the secret to clearing up my acne and guess what it is?”

It wasn’t a skin product, or any skin treatment – she revealed it was her unborn child.

“You need to get knocked up. Period. Point blank. Period. The reason my skin is clear is because I’m pregnant with a baby right now. Do y’all understand? The baby has cleared my skin up. Get into the pores,” she gushed.

Keke Palmer And Boyfriend Darius Jackson Take In Hockey Game After Pregnancy Announcement

Palmer revealed her pregnancy during her “Saturday Night Live” debut in December, when she hosted the show for the first time.

While she didn’t specify who the father of the child was, she did thank her on-again off-again partner Darius Jackson, whom she called her “other half”. She’s since been spotted in public with the actor.

“Call me Kiki Wyatt because I’m about to be pregnant for the rest of my life,” she joked at the end of the video.

In the caption for the post, she wrote, “i’m not lying! go look in my story to see my skin w/o makeup.”

Yesterday she shared a selfie of her face with no make-up on it with the caption “GN”.

Keke Palmer – Photo: Instagram/@keke
Keke Palmer – Photo: Instagram/@keke

Palmer seemed proud of her healthy skin, showing it off to the world.


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