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Kehlani revealed that they were sexually assaulted during one of their recent concerts.

The “Up At Night” singer, who identifies as non-binary, just wrapped the final stretch of their 44-date “Blue Water Road” tour in Manchester at the city’s Victoria Warehouse music venue on Monday.

Following the final show, Kehlani, 27, revealed that after one of the shows on the British leg of their tour, they experienced inappropriate behaviour from fans while making their way out of the unnamed venue.

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On Monday evening the singer took to Instagram, writing, “I don’t care how sexual you deem my music, my performances, my fun with my friends dancing at clubs, or ME… That does not give any of you the right to cross a boundary like sticking your hands up my skirt & pulling my underwear to TOUCH MY GENITALS as I am being escorted through a crowd after performing.”

“This s**t made me sick to my stomach. As a victim of sexual assault, I am endlessly triggered and mindblown,” they continued.

The since-deleted post was shared shortly after their concert at Victoria Warehouse, however it remains unclear which venue the alleged incident took place at.

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Back in 2017, Kehlani, whose been a long-time supporter of survivors of sexual assault, described women as society’s “life force” while speaking with Billboard as the #MeToo movement, at the time, was gaining attention across the U.S.

That can be scary for people and it can result in terrible things, but don’t forget you who came from and what you are,” Kehlani said. “Don’t forget your power, don’t let any trauma take away your power. That’s easier said than done, but you got this.”

In a separate 2019 interview with the Apple podcast “Sunday Gems”, the musician revealed that they’d been raped in the past.

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“There is nothing I can say that is new, that I feel like is providing a real take, that I feel isn’t gonna take away from the conversation,” Kehlani stated. “I don’t want to add more hurt, I don’t want to add more pain. All I want to say is, sending love to everybody who’s on a healing path right now, and sending love to everybody who needs it.”

“And if you’re apologizing for abuse, you’re disgusting,” the continued, “suck my d**k. You know what I’m saying?”


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