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Katy Perry is learning on the job as a mother.

Perry and actor Orlando Bloom welcomed their daughter, Daisy Dove Bloom, in Aug. 2020. Perry shares her motherhood experiences in a joint interview with “Where We Started” collaborator Thomas Rhett, a fellow parent.

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“No one tells you about the first six weeks of having your first child,” Perry tells ET Canada. “What? This is crazy! You’re feeding in the same corner of the same room for six weeks straight thinking, ‘Will I ever leave this house? And if I do, will they be okay?’

Perry expresses the joy she gets from sharing simple pleasures with Daisy.

“The most mundane, beautiful things. You get this surge of joy back and it just makes everything come to life. For me, I’ve learned a lot about presence and that was something that I really wanted to give as a mother is just, ‘Yeah, there’s a zillion WhatsApp chats on fire, but I’m going to put this down and I’m going to colour with you right now for 30 minutes because I love you.’”

Asked about babysitting Rhett’s four children with Lauren Akins, Perry says the kids will love her a lot more than their parents will.

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“They would love me, but you would probably hate me,” Perry says. “I was never called to babysit. My sister is the most responsible, she’s older, but sometimes if my sister wasn’t available they’d take a chance on me.

“I was the kind of babysitter that the kids would fool and be like, ‘Yeah, mom totally lets us eat these Oreos at seven o’clock at night.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, can I have one too?’ And then, like, ‘Okay, guys, when the garage door starts opening, we’re going to run into our beds.’”


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