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One of entertainment’s most famous names of the ’90s — Kato Kaelin — appeared on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast with Dax Holt and Adam Glyn to chat all things O.J. Simpson.

The radio and TV personality, who was a witness in the Simpson murder case, revealed that his most awkward celebrity run-in was with Kris Jenner, whose late husband Robert Kardashian, a friend of Simpson, served as the former football player and news broadcaster’s defence attorney during the 1995 trial.

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Kaelin, 63, explained that he saw Jenner at a funeral and that “it turned out to be a very warm moment.”

“So it was awkward because, well, first of all, it was at a funeral of someone we both knew, of Alan Thicke, and I haven’t seen her since the trial,” Kaelin shared, adding that it was easy to read how Jenner felt about him.

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“You know, when someone looks at you, if they have a bad feeling or a good feeling, but it was all good,” he said.

Kaelin also revealed that he still has the key to Simpson’s guest house and that, soon, he’ll be auctioning it off. He even offered it to the late Larry King but the legendary TV host “didn’t want it.”

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After getting the key appraised, Kaelin shared that it’s worth “$20,000 to start with” and that he keeps it “in a safety deposit box at a bank.”

Watch the full interview above for more on the infamous Simpson murder trial.


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