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This cute video of Kate Winslet can’t be missed.

On Sunday, a video of Kate Winslet giving kind advice to a rookie reporter went viral on social media. Winslet came on the German television network ZDF for an interview with teenager Martha to discuss her new movie “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

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The reporter then disclosed: “Um, it’s my first time.”

Winslet then leaned down and spoke some words of inspiration.

“This is your first time doing it?” asked the “Titanic” actress. “Ok, well guess what? When we do this interview, it’s going to be the most amazing interview ever. And do you know why?”

​“Because we’ve decided that it’s going to be,” she said.


Many fans have been lauding Winslet on Twitter for the way she comforted the reporter. One user wrote:

​“Kate Winslet reassuring this young girl that her interview will be amazing is the most precious thing I’ve ever seen.”

In December 2022, Winslet spoke to People and said that she is really fond of children and this encouraged her to do “Avatar: The Way of Water.”

“I was just super happy to jump into the world of “Avatar” and very excited to be asked. And my kids were like, ‘Oh my God, mom, you have to do it.’ I was like, ‘Obviously.’ I said, ‘Well, they’re going to send the script.’ They were like, ‘No, it doesn’t matter. Just you have to do it!’”

Winslet is a mother to three children.


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