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Kate Winslet feels for Tom Cruise.

For her role in “Avatar: The Way of Water”, the Oscar-winning actress learned to hold her breathe under water for an incredible seven minutes and 47 seconds.

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The time was also enough to beat Cruise’s record of six minutes, which he did for a sequence in 2015’s “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”.

Speaking to USA Today, Winslet shared her reaction to beating the actor’s record: “Poor Tom.”

She then admitted that even Cruise must be a little annoyed that she surpassed him with the stunt.

“I mean, I don’t know Tom at all – I’ve never met him in my life – but I’m sure he’s getting very fed up of hearing this story of how I broke his record,” she laughed. “I loved it, though … I was amazed how good I was at it and how I just kept getting better.”

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Talking about how she practiced for to hold her breath for so long, Winslet revealed that her husband Edward Abel Smith, formerly known as Ned Rocknroll, helped her out.

“Ned is an extremely fit, healthy person and is capable of a great many things,” she said. “He trained with me so that if I needed to practice without our instructor there we were safe because you really can’t do it by yourself. It’s the same as scuba diving: You have to have a buddy. It’s a sport, it’s a skill, and your body adjusts to be able to do that thing. So having Ned there was very important.”


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