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Kate Middleton has launched an Instagram account for The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood.

Kate Middleton Teases New Early Childhood Initiative

In order to put more emphasis on the first five years of life, Middleton founded the facility as a part of her and Prince William’s bigger Royal Foundation in June 2021. Kate recently shared a little video to introduce the foundation to followers, even though the initial post was from back on January 19th.

“’By focusing our collective time, energy & resources on these most preventative years, we can make a huge difference.’ Find out from The Princess of Wales why we’ve launched #ShapingUs and what we hope to achieve through this important work,” read the video’s caption.


Monday saw the premiere of a claymation movie that raised awareness about how babies and young children develop in reaction to their earliest experiences, as well as a historic statement by the Princess of Wales in London.



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