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Kate Middleton is taking action. Over the weekend, a video was released showing the 40-year-old Princess of Wales, patron of The Forward Trust, throwing her support behind the Taking Action on Addiction campaign, which launched on the first day of the U.K.’s Addiction Awareness Week.

As part of her message, which was taped at Kensington Palace earlier this month, Kate speaks directly to those suffering from addiction and reminds them help is out there.

“Addiction is a serious mental health condition that can happen to anyone, no matter what age, gender, race or nationality,” she says.

Kate also highlights the role society has to play in battling addiction.

“Attitudes to addiction are changing. But we are not there yet, and we need to be. Still the shame of addiction is stopping people and families asking for help and people are still tragically losing their lives,” she says. “We as a society need to recognize that the only way to help those suffering is to try and understand what has led them to addiction, to empathize with them and to be compassionate to their struggles.”

Taking Action on Addiction aims to reframe existing perceptions of addiction, build awareness of the causes and nature of addiction, improve understanding, reduce prejudice and enable more people to ask for and receive help.

And while she hasn’t given many video messages since becoming a royal, this is Kate’s second one this month. She also had some kind words for England’s rugby team on Oct. 7.

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