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Kanye West has been hit with backlash over his “White Lives Matter” fashions after their debut at Paris Fashion Week, featuring right-wing commentator Candace Owens as a special guest, reportedly leaving Jaden Smith — who walked out of West’s Yeezy fashion show, where he was seated in the front row.

According to TMZ, West will be defending himself on a curious venue: Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, which the New York Times has described as “the most racist show in the history of cable news.”

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Carlson has been widely criticized for spouting racist rhetoric on his show, ranging from promoting the “Great Replacement Theory” (which posits that Democrats are allowing more non-white illegal immigrants into the U.S. in order to outnumber white voters at the polls and thus control the government) and his ongoing use of racist “dog whistles” aimed at white supremacists.

West will reportedly counter accusations that he’s a bully, insisting that he’s the one who’s being bullied — by Hollywood — while taking Carlson on a tour of West’s offices to examine some Yeezy “White Lives Matter” merch.

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TMZ reports that West’s appearance on the show will air tonight.


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