By Corey Atad.

Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted is officially on Kanye West’s enemies list.

On Thursday, Ye posted and then deleted a fake New York Times front page about Rørsted on Instagram, a nod to a similar post he shared about Kim Kardashian’s ex Pete Davidson.

Kanye West Complains That The Gap ‘Held A Meeting About Me Without Me’

“Kasper Rørsted also dead at 60,” the headline on the fake paper read.

A small subhead underneath the large headline read, “I know what you’re thinking … who is Kasper? but even less importantly who is Kid Cudi?”

Kanye West Says He’s An ‘Innovator’ For Piling Yeezy Gap Collection Clothing In Bags

West has recently been airing out a feud with Adidas over creative control of the recent Yeezy Day launch, telling Complex, “Adidas made up the Yeezy Day idea without my approval. Then went and brought back older styles without my approval.”

Earlier this year, West shared a similar post, with the fake headline, “Skete Davidson dead at age 24.”


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