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Julio Iglesias Jr. is putting a new spin on a classic.

On Monday, the singer and son of Julio Iglesias, released his latest single, teaming up with Jewel for a duet of George Michael’s “Careless Whisper”.

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For their take on the iconic track, the duo set it to a lounge music sound, giving it a smooth, easy-listening vibe.

“I have always admired Jewel as an artist. For me, her songwriting has always hit close to the heart, and her vocals make her one-of-a-kind. When you hear them, you know it’s Jewel,” Iglesias said of working with Jewel.

“I truly think she is no doubt one of the top female artists of all time and I can’t believe I got to collaborate with her on ‘Careless Whisper,’ one of my favourite songs recorded and written by George Michael,” he continued. “George’s music was very much part of what I have listened to over the years growing up, and not to mention my dad also recorded the song … It’s honestly a dream come true.”

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Jewel added, “‘Careless Whisper’ is such a classic song. George Michael’s lyrics are completely timeless. I’m honored that my dear friend Julio asked me to sing this with him. I think his voice adds an entirely new and fresh layer to the song.”

The new single follows Iglesias’ Stevie Wonder medley featuring Brian McKnight.

Both songs are featured on the album Under the Covers, in which Iglesias reinterprets a number of classic pop songs, including “What’s Going On”, “Shape of You” and a new take on “I’m Too Sexy” with Right Said Fred.


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