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Julia Roberts may be great at her job, but she struggled to act mean to George Clooney in their new movie “Ticket to Paradise”.

The pair play exes David and Georgia in the flick, with them travelling to Bali to try and sabotage their daughter Lily’s wedding.

However, because they’re so close in real life, Roberts found it hard to be mad at Clooney, director Ol Parker told Entertainment Weekly.

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Parker shared, “The only note I had to give Julia in the whole movie was the scene where they actually argue for real after the marketplace. They have an argument about how they brought up Lily. Julia was just going easy on George.

“I was like, ‘Julia, what’s up? What’s happening here?’” he continued. “George went for it on his close-up and he’s still going for it on hers and she’s not. I was like, ‘What is going on here?’”

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Parker went on, “She went, ‘I just don’t like shouting. I don’t like being mean to George.’ And I was like, ‘You got to let him have it.’ She’s like, ‘Okay.’ And then the next take is the one in the movie. and it’s sensational.”

He added, “She didn’t want to be mean to him.

“They like sparring jokingly, but she didn’t enjoy doing it for real. But then I gave her note and she killed it. Because she’s Julia Roberts.”

Clooney and Roberts seem to have had a blast while doing press for their latest flick together. The pair first met back in 2000 before filming “Ocean’s Eleven”.


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